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Dhuaan (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFamous Pictures Ltd. Studios

The night is dark-the roads calm and deserted-but a young man is madly driving his Car-he is being chased by the long arm of Law-the police is right on his heels and may grab him any moment.

Only a few days back, Rajan, the only son of millionaire R.S. Dina Nath was happy and gay. He was madly in love with Neera, the renowned dancer of Jeewan Theatre. To all appearances his love was reciprocated but both his Father and Jeewan thought otherwise, they thought that Neera loved not Rajan but his wealth. Rajan considered his Father's views as orthodox and Jeewan's as jealousy because Jeewan was also infatuated with Neera.

Neera however was not appeared to accept defeat and one night on her persuation, she and Rajan decided to run away-away from the prying eyes of Jeewan and determination of Rai Sahib to smash this unwanted relationship.

They boarded a train - Neera was happy - she will marry Rajan and return as the daughter-in-law of the family to enjoy its millions. Rajan had different views, he would not return-he will not touch his family millions and would face life with the support of Neera's love.

Neera's dream was thus shattered, her game was lost. She could no longer play the part and Raja suddenly awoke from his romantic dream to face the naked truth. In disgust he left the train and Neera was found murdered. He was the last person with Neera when she was alive-the Police naturally went in search for him.

And he flew-he flew and hid from justice. In such circumstances, ignorant of truth, Colonel Sahib sheltered him and Geeta, the Colonel's daughter tried to raise him out of the depths of his misery.

Geeta fell in love with him but the shadow of his past stood between them-and one day she also lost her faith in him.

Who killed Neera?

To find the truth you should meet all those who came to Neera's life with messages of LOVE or HATE.

[from the official press booklet]