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Darar (1972)

  • Release Date1972
  • LanguageHindi

Joy knew no bounds and happiness fluttered on his wings when the sad and lonely bird had found his companion for life. In the ecstasy of his love, he danced in joy.

Together they made solemn promises of not parting till death. On the tallest tree, they built their heavenly nest. Flowers of love blossomed in the spring of their life.

One day, cruel Destiny spread its wings and their heavenly home was on fire.

Seeing Death staring at them, all the other birds flew away. The devastating fire was now on a wild rampage. It creeped right upto the nest. The male bird madly fluttered in agony. It tried again and again to run away with his life companion, but in vain. As fate would have it, the female bird would soon become a mother any day, any time.

Slowly and surely Death tightened its cruel ring. There was no escape. In vain, the male bird tried to save his life partner - and - not having the courage to make the supreme sacrifice - Alas ! he ran away !!

Ways of God are strange. It rained and the fire died. The female bird had just been blessed with innocent babies and they breathed the fragrance of sweet life.

Their father returned and there was a happy family reunion - But - in the solemn and pure relationship of the two lovers, there was an irreparable crack - the DARAR.

[from the official press booklet]