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Damini (1993)

  • Release Date1993
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time175 mins
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studio, Natraj Studio, Filmcity Studio, Filmalaya, RK Studio, Swati Studio, Chandivali Outdoor Location

“Damini” is a Women’s fight for justice and truth.

It is the qualities and integrity of Damini (Meenakshi Seshadri) the younger daughter of a retired postmaster (Anjan Srivastava) residing in a small town of Nasik, which attracted Shekhar Gupta (Rishi Kapoor), son of a business tycoon Kedarnath Gupta (Kharbanda) to marry her.

Owing to strong parental opposition Shekhar married Damini, who was very often belittled by her-in-law. It is Urmi (Prajakta Kulkarni), the maid of the household who understands Damini’s plight and an unspoken bond of affection develops between them, Damini once witnessed a crime in the family which haunted her like a nightmare, she was torn between her conscious, and her love for her husband and his family Shekar too was torn between family pride and lover for his wife.

Damini chose her conscious and walked out of the family for truth & justice. What she didn’t realize was the trap she had walked into, in spite of her husband’s warning. It was an alone and tiring battle she was waging with the corrupt system with the vile tactics of a corrupt high powered lawyer Inderjeet Chadda (Amrish puri) and Bajaj (Paresh Rawal), a business rival of the Gupta family is turned into a corporate war and a power game.

Amidst this struggle for justice and truth, Damini is sympathized by a down and out alcoholic lawyer Govind (Sunny Deol), a man who had surrendered to this corrupt system.

Can Damini with truth and Govind by her side survive this struggle of power game or is it the end of the road for Damini?

[from the official press booklet]



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