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Daaka (1959)

  • Release Date1959
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationPremier Studios, Shrikant Studios

A dare-devil Bank robbery in broad day light and he was branded a decoit. Police was on a look out for him. News papers displayed his photographs with a handsome prize for his arrest.

It shocked Rai Bahadur Manohar Lal's daughter "Rekha" too. She also saw his photograph in the papers. Was he a decoit? The past incidents and facts all proved so and she could not deceive or disbelieve the facts. Yes, he was a looter, the stranger whom she too had given every thing in a glance. But he was absolutely innocent and had nothing to do with that Bank Decoity.

Since he had no proof to substantiate his innocence, he disappeared before the Police could arrest him. And .... the looted money of the decoits also disappeared as suddenly as him. The Police started tracking him, thinking, he had taken the money and he started tracking the clue which could lead him to locate the looted money and the decoits. His life became a game of hide and seek and his sweet dreams of life and love vanished in the clouds and became a thing of the past.

Just by a chance he ran into "Flora" a fire brand sultry siren a, a flame, a dream for pleaser seekers. She too saw him, his innocent face and became infatuated. She was ready to do any thing for him- his love. Flora-she was a dancer who worked with the gang of decoits. His love kindled a strange fire in her life. She longed to sweep him into her arms for her ownself. He knew her fall and struck a deal with her on the condition that she should tell him the man who looted he bank and get him the looted money. Flora-she knew the man who had committed the decoity but not the loot. Still she was ready to stake the highest for him. Possessed with a desire of love she started the search-search for the looted money-and instead, came across "Rekha"-who told her that he was hers. She had lost the stake. The frustration of life again came. In that decisive moment she had to handing him over to the gangsters or to the Police and. This is all what happens to Vinod Kumar a happy go jolly fellow.

The looted Money was traced or not? The final decision of that fire brand-"Flora"? The sweet dreams of Rekha and Vinod Kumar? What happens. See it all in 'DAAKA'.

[from the official press booklet]



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