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Chitda No Chor (1978)

  • Release Date1978
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageGujarati
  • Run Time131 min
  • Length3785.62 meters
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-94939
  • Certificate Date07/10/1980

A sports festival is being celebrated among sportspersons of the two neighboring villages. Among the loud cheering crowd, Arjunsingh, son of Suragsingh, is winning most of the games.  His major opponent, Abhesang, a Rajput lad, comes from his own village. His dearest and closest mate is a Rabari community leader called Rudo, is constantly uplifting his spirits, yet his efforts go in vein. However, eventually Arjun turned up as a winner. Amid the announcement of the winner, Kanchan, a lively, lovely and confident girl from the neighboring village arrive there with her friends and challenges Arjun to play Dandiya – Ras with her. Arjun accepts the challenge and the game begins. They find themselves suddenly attracted towards each other. The attraction led to their private and regular meetings. 
On the other hand, Arjun’s mate Manek is also trying very hard to attract Heera towards him. Abhesang follows the league too and put in all the efforts to get Kanchan in his life. Meanwhile, Surangsingh and Mansingh accept Arjun and Kanchan’s love and agree to get them married. The opponent Abhesang could not take in the news. However, Rudo, his closest friend consoles him by saying that a more beautiful girl than Kanchan, named Ratan, lives in his area Rabari street. So, get over Kanchan and let’s get settle down with Ratan. Abhesang, enraged and anxious does not pay and attention to Ruda’s words. On the contrary, envious and full of hatred, comes up with an evil plan with Surangsingh’s son-in-law Ganubha.
Unaware and happy couple Kanchan and Arjun is en route to the pilgrimage before the wedding takes place. Unfortunately, runs into a very dangerous accident while crossing the bridge, as per Abhesingh and Ganubha’s plan. The villages saved unconscious Arjun, but, regrettably, Kanchan could not be found in the accident. Even her dead body could not be procured. The immediate help and first aid saves Arjun’s life, however, leaves deep scars on his psychological state. The homeopathic doctor warns Arjun’s family that due to his critical condition, the news of Kanchan’s death might turn out fatal for him to accept and he might die. The family was too anxious as what the future holds for Arjun, since the first thing he’s going to ask after regaining consciousness would be Kanchan’s whereabouts. 

Amid such moments of utter distress, Ratan, the beautiful girl from Rabari street arrives in Arjun’s home to give away ghee. As soon as she arrives in, Surangsingh, Shina, Heero, Manek among stood stunned. Since she was an exact replica of Kanchan, which is beyind everyone’s farthest imagination. Is she sent by God to save Arjun? Could Arjun be saved? Is this a testing moment for the naïve Ratan? What kind of sacrifices she might be doing to save Arjun? 

Only the film at length can address these questions! 

[from the official press booklet]