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Chhote Nawab (1961)

  • Release Date1961
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time141 mins
  • Length4298.90
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-32310-MUM
  • Certificate Date06/05/1961
  • Shooting LocationGuru Dutt Studio, Kamal Studio, Kardar Studio

Chhote Nawab, the only son of Bade Nawab Sahib, still reads the first Urdu primer! He plays with very young children, sulks like a child at the smallest pretext. By the grace of God, he has turned twenty but his mental age is only five. Indeed, at the time this story opens, his fifth birthday is actually being celebrated. He was born on February 29, too. It is as if not only the excessive effection shown by his father but also the calendar are in league to keep his mental development retarded.

Time passes and the book of life turns a new leaf. Bade Nawab Saheb is dead. The old palatial mansion is auctioned. Choote Nawab has no one to call his own. People turn their faces away from him. He finds himself alone and helpless. But every boat must find a harbour. An unpiloted dinghy is captained by the almighty himself.
Tajir Nazir of Calcutta takes the Chhote Nawab under his wing. His daughter, Roshan Jahan, was betrothed to Chhote Nawab Sahib in childhood. The stranded young man fines anchor at last and his education and mental development are continued with renewed energy.

The book of life turns yet another leaf. Chhote Nawab Sahib has become the life and soul of the smart social set. He is the patron of many a night club and on intimate terms with many a social and professional butterfly. His name is famous on the race course and gambling salons. At alcoholic gatherings he is the envy of many a veteran drinker.

That is one side of the medal. The other side shows an oriental gentlewoman who has inherited nobility and faithfulness from her forefathers. The meanderings of the Chhote Nawab put a severe strain on her patience and forebearance and one day, breaking under the terrific stress, she decides on taking a step which is fraught with grave risk and danger.

The climax of CHHOTE NAWAB is not only terrible but also holds a lesson for all to know what Roshan Jahan does and where it leads her, please turn to the screen.........

[from the official press booklet]