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C.I.D. Inspector (1962)

  • Release Date1962
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationShrikant Studios

Rai Saheb Hazarilal Panchotiya was noted personality of the society, who had a very soft heart and a generous nature.

The only daughter of Rai Saheb, Sheel was first class acclaimed swimmer who had won so many trophies in the art of swimming.

When the news of her unique achievement in this field spread all over the country through the principle news papers, Ramesh, a gentleman crook and owner of Lucky Hotel, got an unusual chance to harass Rai Saheb to get his wealth for nothing.

He had a secret den under ground of the hotel where Kamini and Ramesh used to plan their all criminal activities.

Ramesh found that Kamini had the same face of Sheel, which could do many a things for him.

He planned to change these two personalities to clear the way.

One day he kidnapped Sheel and brought her to his den and placed Kamini in her place as the daughter of Rai Saheb.

Kamini gave poison to Rai Saheb and became sole proprietor of Rai Saheb's wealth and properties.

Ramesh now wanted Sheel to make his Cafe dancer for which Sheel flatly refused.

Seeing his plans going failure, Ramesh played a trick, and arranged a false murder in which Sheel was the murderer.

Now Sheel had to pay for this as she did not want to be arrested as murderer and she agreed all the terms of Ramesh.

Manohar one of the wise and active C.I.D. Police Inspector suspected Kamini.

He came to know that some changes had taken place as Kamini (Sheel) was not the real daughter of Late Rai Saheb.

Manohar took this case in his hand and tried to find out the secret of Kamini and Reshma's play with the help of his friend Sher-Dil.

They met both, Sheel and Kamini and got the clue.

One day Sher-Dil brought a telegram in which Sheel was again nominated to take part in the All India Swimming Competition, which was a great shock for Kamini as she was completely unknown to swimming talent.

She phoned Ramesh... he also got nervous.

Then what was the result? Did Kamini take part? What was the Ramesh's next trick...

Which plan gave a grand success to C.I.D. Inspt. Manohar and his friend Sher-Dil.

Let your these questions be answered by Silver Screen.

[from the official press booklet]