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Black Nhesop A Tanchem Fashion/Donning Black is Today's Fashion (2007)

  • Release Date10/08/2007
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberMinistry of Information for Film and Media, Kuwait
  • Certificate Date01/08/2007

The film is a comedy picturized on a middle-aged couple and their two sons who work abroad. These two sons are shy of their traditional profession. The movie revolves around a musician who is involved in trivial assignments of traditional music. Culture and music mean everything to the maestro who is unable to give up on his passion for music. His efforts to persuade the younger generation to keep the traditional arts alive take a tumultuous turn as the movie unfolds. In the second half, the movie sheds light on the struggles of parents whose children are settled in the Gulf, who do not wish to visit their motherland.

It's an effort to persuade the youth to keep track of our fading traditions.

Memorable dialogues, enchanting music, and unconventional comedy are the hallmarks of this film which has subtitles in English.

The film was financed through Bush’s personal savings, loans and investments. The major part of the budget was spent on the purchase of production equipment and software for producing the film. There are three songs in the movie which are Na Go Na ( No dear no), Rav Rav Rav( Wait, wait, wait), Mai Pai  Bhurgim ( Mother Father Children).

The specialty of the film was that it was shot entirely in Kuwait under the banner 'T Bush International Films'. For the first time in Goa, the film was screened on a widescreen with high quality ‘E-Cinema Technology’ projection. This is the first film shown in Saudi Arabia made by Goans and Mangaloreans.

T Bush hails from Nagoa in Goa and has earned fame for his internationally acclaimed film and is the winner of three International Awards for his Short Film 'The Letter'-The Letter. He had his training in films from the London Film School.