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Bhatakti Jawani (1988)

  • Release Date1988
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, JK Farm, Karam Kuttir, Nagivilla, Amardeep, Baikunt, Hotel Horizon

Dev was a simple, educated, unemployed youth. While he was in search of job, he comes across a rich glamorous girl Kalpana. Having fallen in passionate love with her, Dev feel that he will soon do away with the menace of uncomployment. On the other hand Kalpana hard treated him as mere object of sexual entertainment. She established sexual relationship with him. Dev felt that a sin was committed by him, hence was eager to marry Kalpana to give a sense of completeness to his life. But Kalpana rejected the bondage of marriage. It was difficult for Dev to absorb this shock. On sea-beach, while he was comparing his life's ups and downs with the waves of sea, he saw a girl attempting to commit suicide. Dev saved the girl, and gives the warmth of his arms. This girl was Puja.

Puja's story was that she was fed-up of the cruelties of her aunt, and had lost the endeavour of life. At that time she meets a youth Prem. Prem is a glamorous person. His friend Pinto makes arrangement daily of a new girl to celebrate his nights colourfully. For Prem, playing with the flesh of woman was just like changing of dresses. Puja was unwanted of this part of Prem's life. In the beginning Prem trapped Puja with his sweet talks and latter finding and occasion tried to molest her like other girls. But Puja opposed it and somehow manage to escape from his grab. Having been betrayed by Prem, she had no other alternative than to commit suicide. When she was about to commit suicide, Dev gave new dimension to her life. Pooja submitted her life to Dev, which was saved by him.

Prem was different of Puja who walked out of his life. He had already forgotten her. But for the sake of his dying mother he had to marry Kalpana.

Once Prem manage to bring a new girl on his bed, he proudly introduces his friend Pinto with her. Incidentally the girl turns out Pinto's sister. Having lost her image in front of her brother, she commit suicide. In revenge, Pinto with another girl's support poisoned the life of Prem and in the encounter Pinto loses his life. In the marriage party of Prem, Dev comes along with his wife Puja. Prem sarcastically passes some remarks about Puja, which annoys Dev who discloses his pre-marital relations with Kalpana. Prem could not bear this and his behaviour with Kalpana becomes rough. Fed-up of Prem's behaviour she leaves to her mother's place.

Being modern woman of high society Kalpana's mother took her side and persuades Kalpana to marry another person-Meanwhile Dev and Puja through their meditation once again brings Kalpana and Prem together. Puja tells that the marriage is scared bondage and divorce is not suitable in Indian culture. Thereafter , Prem and Kalpana forget their differences and start new life.