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Be Reham (1980)

  • Release Date1980
  • GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time147 mins
  • Length4863.18 metres
  • Number of Reels19
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor Certificate Number93587
  • Certificate Date01/08/1980

Be-Reham is a story of great devotion, of great suspense and, above all, of a great confrontation between two officers of Law.

Anand Kumar, a senior Police Commissioner in Bombay, had fifteen years earlier intensely and passionately loved and innocent young girl. Without disclosing any reason to him for her sudden decision, the girl broke his heart by marrying another man. Anand Kumar, therefore, wholeheartedly devoted himself to his duties so that he could forget this unpleasant chapter in his life.

Now, at the peak of his career, with adoration, tributes and public awards pouring in from all sides, Anand Kumar is shocked beyond comprehension when he finds that the girl he had once loved has now become a professional dancer and singer. Police Commissioner, in an exceptional display of personal emotions, loses his sense of patience and self control and his steps drag him to her house to inquire from her in person the reasons that compelled her to marry another man to knowwhat was his fault in not attaining the object of his passionate love to know the Truth. But the Police Commissioner had not realized till then that fate is merciless and was now dogging his steps. Even as the woman was blurting out to him the unspeakable truth that led to her miserable existence, her husband, a drunkard, appears suddenly on the scene. There is a brief encounter and accidentally Police Commissioner Anand Kumar kills her husband.

Technically and legally, it is hardly any offence, but reporting this matter to the police would have shattered his image, so he thinks! He takes the woman away from the scene of the accident and does not report for some time to the police. Even a man of his calibre forgets that Law is heartless.

InspectorChander Mohan Sharma, who otherwise almost worships Police Commissioner Anand Kumar, is investigating officer who, along with his friend, a woman journalist, gets on the trail of the murderer. Otherwise, Commissioner Anand Kumar is the Idol of Inspector Chander Mohan Sharma and the Inspector almost worships the Commissioner for his honesty, integrity and obseson with a 'clean police image'.

Ultimately when Anand Kumar's conscience pricks him, he decides to surrender. Exactly at that moment, Anand Kumar comes to know that 'P.K.' one of his friends of the college days, was indulging in acts of national sabotage and treason, and in the process ruining the country's honour and prosperity. Anand Kumar, therefore, decided to postpone his own confession and surrender to law till he performs this last duty in his official capacity catching a most dangerous criminal.

But the decision comes too late. Inspector Chander Mohan Sharma, throwing aside his love and worship of the Police Commissioner, discovers finally the answer to his investigations in the murder case and comes to arrest Police Commissioner Anand. There is strong argument between the senior officer and the junior officer, between the idol and the worshipper, between the accused and the one who has come to arrest him. One pleads for the Honour of the country and the other pleads for the Honour of the Law which stipulates that no criminal should be spared from arrest and punishment. They both, as police officers, finally agree to keep in abeyance the individual crime of Anand Kumar and tackle on an emergency basis the criminal betrayal of the country by a dangerous and organised group of gangster.

What follows is one of the most breathtaking climaxes, Indian audiences have seen before, not only the liquidation of a most dangerous criminal gang but also a unique clash and love outburst between the Inspector and the Commissioner as also between two great friends.

[from the official press booklet]