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Bancharamer Bagan (1980)

  • LanguageBengali
  • Shooting LocationTechnician's Studio

Based on Manoj Mitra’s play Shajano Bagan, Bancharamer Bagan follows the travails of Bancharam, who tends a garden a landlord family has been trying to seize for years. 
Boro Kotta, the old landlord is a tyrant who never sleeps. Bancharam’s well-kept garden appears to be a restful place to him, and he decides to acquire it for himself. He makes elaborate plans of building benches and creating an artificial lake in the garden. His musclemen fail to seize the land when Bancha approaches the British administration. Boro Kotta dies of rage and his soul haunts the garden, determined to watch over it until his son Nokori can wrest the land from Bancha. 
Unlike his father, Nokori decides to twist the law to his own ends to acquire the plot of land. Meanwhile, Bancha’s grandson Gupe attempts to sell the land off, but he is thwarted by either Bancha or Nokori. Disappointed, he leaves for the city to find a job. Hoping that Bancha does not have long to live, Nokori makes a deal with him: he is to provide him with a monthly allowance and take over the land after his death. Months go by but Bancha does not die. It is revealed that if Bancha outlives Nokori, the land will remain his property. 
Gupe returns from the city with a wife, and together they begin to tend the garden. A desperate Nokori attempts to bribe Gupe to kill his grandfather, but Gupe flees with the money. Eventually, Nokori convinces Bancha to consume poison, and arrangements are made for his funeral. When Nokori arrives to take his body away, however, he finds Bancha hale and hearty, smoking a beedi. He tells him that the birth of a great-grandson has given him a new lease of life. Nokori dies of shock.