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Arth (1982)

  • Release Date03/12/1982
  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time138 mins
  • Length3935.74 meters
  • Number of Reels15 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate Number5021
  • Certificate Date03/12/1982

Mrs Pooja Malhotra an orphan by birth is facing a crisis. He husband Inder Malhotra an Advertising film executive has thrown away his rather secure job. They have to vacate the company flat. Pooja seems to have come to the end of her tether. 

She accuses Inder for failing her in her only dream of owning her own house. Later, much to Pooja's surprise Inder provides her with a spacious flat. Pooja now is a picture of contentment. She is totally fulfilled.

Soon, this secure world of Pooja is once again threatened by something much bigger - Her husband Inder is involved passionately with a film actress Kavita Sanyal. Kavita unlike all the other Mistresses is unashamed to state her demands. She wants Inder for herself - She wants Marriage, Children, Permanance.  The situation much against Inder's wishes is pushed to the point of choice. Inder chooses Kavita. Pooja goes through a harrowing phase after her husband leaves her.  She even walks out of her house when she learns that it was infact brought by Kavita's money. She is back on the streets helpless vulnerable, trying to face life on her own.

As luck would have it she meets a charming young man Raj, a struggling "GAZAL" singer who helps her find a job and above all her lost dignity.

Kavita tormented with the guilt of wrecking Pooja's home has a nervous breakdown. The relationship between her and Inder reaches its inevitable doom. Kavita asks Inder to quit.
Broken Inder comes to Pooja to make a fresh start much to his surprise her answer is a plain "NO". She no longer is a dependent woman - In the final sequence Pooja even brushes aside the help extended by Raj who is by now in love with her. In short she turns her back to all illusions of dependence and walk away free....

(From the official press booklet)