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Arman (1942)

  • Release Date127 mins
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU

Kanwar Sahib (Motilal) speeds up on his way to meet the famous artist Vyas (Nagendra Majumdar) staying in the village. On the way he passes the artist's daughter Meera, but doesn't see her. Meera sees him and falls in love with him. Vyas lives in a village with Meera and paints pictures and draws murals to earn a living. Having contracted Vyas to paint murals in his house, Kanwar returns to his mansion. His father is a lordly landowner, whose relative-cum Diwan tries to exploit him of his riches. Kanwar is interested in scientific work trying to produce a ray that would be able to register pain and pleasure in the brain. The experiment goes badly and Kanwar becomes blind. Vyas and his daughter arrive at the mansion and soon Meera and the blind Kanwar fall in love with each other. The Diwan is unhappy to see the romance between the two and gets Kanwar's father to have Meera sent away. This sends her father into grief and he kills himself.

Meera meets a sadhu who tells her he will make her a herbal cure for Kanwar's eyes but she has to submit to him. When the medicine is completed Meera tries to run away with it but the sage stops her and tries to molest her. Meera then kills him and gets to Kanwar's house where she is stopped by the Diwan and a dancing girl. They snatch the cure from her and give it to Kanwar whose sight is restored. However he is unable to recognise Meera, who is arrested for the murder of the sadhu. When Kanwar hears Meera speak, he at once knows it's Meera. The lovers are united with the villainous Diwan getting his due.



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