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  • Release Date1943
  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time122 min

Shyam lived in a village with his father, Lala Damarilal – a miser of note. One evening one Lala Dhanraj came to the village, with his wife and daughter Shobha to stay. Dhanraj had lost his job in town. He wanted to live in a humble peace in a humble way. 
Shyam came across them and arranged for them to stay in one of his father’s houses and that for any period they liked. This Shyam’s father Damarilal did not like. However, he was made to come round, when he came to know that the usual rents would come to join. 
Shyam helped Dhanraj and Shobha at all times and in all possible ways, so much so that Shobha felt compelled to ask Shyam the reasons for it. Shyam replied “Take me for a friend, whom you did not know before, and a friend must help a friend in need.”
Time passes – a simple acquaintance ripens into friendship – nay more love. 
For Shyam’s marriage his parents had independent plans of their own – the father thought of one that would bring a handsome dowry. Shobha’s mother wanted her to marry Rajen, a nephew of Dhanraj’s former employer. Rajen was eager to marry Shobha – he had even come to the village and met her. 
But Shyam and Shobha, considered themselves to be inseparable and planned their own dream-lands blissfully ignorant of the plans of their respective parents, which could only give them a rude awakening. 
One evening Shyam and Shobha went to the fair in the next village, where they were detained due to rain and storm. To Damarilal it looked that this apparently forced stay was really the part of a well thought out plan of Dhanraj to influence Shyam, and he did not hesitate to accuse Dhanraj accordingly in an unmistakable language. 
Dhanraj felt insulted and left the village with his daughter and wife. He went back to the town and got back his old job with his old master. 
Shobha could not forget the insult meted out to her father by Damarilal. She even told her mother to give her away in marriage to anybody she liked. The mother again thought of Rajen. Rajen was as willing as before. Shyam was unhappy. The village without Shobha could not hold him. He came to the town and secured a job. After a short while, Shyam found out that Rajen, his employer, was the man, who was going to marry Shobha. 
Ultimately the eventful day arrived. Rajen was going to marry Shobha. But did Rajen finally marry Shobha? What about Shyam? Did Shobha and Shyam lived the lives of two broken-hearted people?
No. But how things got moulded to your liking would be better seen on the screen. 

[from the official press booklet]



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