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Remembering Kumkum

Image and Narrative contributed by Syed Shozab Hussain, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I never knew that you were a big star until I grew old enough to develop a taste in classic films. You were a great person, a humble and kind human who never took advantage of being a big name. Your life style was so ordinary like any other normal person. You always kept a low profile. In Dammam, Saudi Arabia she had a lot of Pakistani family friends like us. All your family friends knew who you were but you never showed off. A lot of people approached her for interviews but she refused. I would like to share the pictures of little memories we had with her to keep her alive forever.

Kumkum with her daughter Andaleep in the early 80s
Kumkum with the author's mother
Some faces have been blurred as per the author's request

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