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terms of submission

  1. A contributor can contribute memory or memorabilia relating to India cinema only. Contribution of memory and memorabilia can be in the form of information, photographs (stills), videos and documents (such as letters, scripts, extracts from diary or note book).
  2. Memory or memorabilia only from the year prior to 1999 qualify for submission.
  3. Person submitting memorabilia should be owner or custodian of such memorabilia or should be competent and authorised to share it.
  4. Contribution of memory or memorabilia should be in the form of a short essay, paragraph or story points of 200-500 words. Photographs, videos and documents without the essay or short points will not be considered.
  5. Submission can be made in English or Hindi only.
  6. By submitting the memory or memorabilia you agree to your submissions being used by NHP Centre on Cinemaazi and Cinema Memory Project websites or in any other publication, press, exhibition (national and international), presentation, talk, workshop.
  7. The submission of memory or memorabilia is on non-exclusive basis.
  8. NHP Centre reserves right to administer photographs, videos and documents, fact-check, proof read and edit the text in the manner and format satisfactory to NHP Centre.
  9. NHP Centre reserves the right to refuse to accept or publish any content submitted by any person.
  10. NHP Centre reserves the right to un publish the entire or any part of the submission published by it in any form without assigning any reason.
  11. NHP Centre will not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any claim or dispute arising from or out of any content or part thereof submitted by any person.