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Superman (1960)

  • Release Date1960
  • LanguageHindi

Since the science has reached highest development, its object should be to serve the humanity and not to destruct the world. 

The widow queen of Kanchanpur state had two daughters, Shanti and Kanti. One fatal night Shanti separated from the queen by nature and with her the peace of the state started deteriorating. Bandit Mangu, started playing bell by frequent attacks on the state public. The army officers were being shot by the bullets of Mangoo. Prime minister was the only personality upon whom the entire safety of the state depended. 

Shanti was sheltered by an old scientist, whose only daughter Neeru was killed by Mangu. The scientist had the consolation by adopting Shanti as his daughter. He after very many experiments succeeded to discover a medicine, which by taking internally, could make a person fly in the air and no weapon could kill such a man. This medicine made a person Superman. 

What did the Superman do? Who was the Mangu? 

From whose Mangu got a wonder drug to make a person invisible? 

Did the Rani get back her lost daughter? 

What was the mystery of horse and dog? 

To have reply to your all these questions see our Superman on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)