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Khiladi (1968)

  • Release Date1968
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Khilari is a person who plays, literally with fire, and comes out, successful because of his sincerity of purpose and facing the situation with coolness.

Our story is based on a series of such incidents, fast in action, dynamic in purpose. 

Our hero (Dilip Raj) is deputed to smash the Enemy-Ring who has abducted a famous Professor (W.M. Khan.)   The Professor has a formula for a dangerous drug that can destroy a nation.

The hero meets X1, a dear lady who is like a "Live Fire Ball". She is an expert in disguises and helps the hero along with the heroine (Uma.)

The  picture  runs  at  a fast  pace,  from  one  thrill to another, in Bond Style, till they reach the place where  the  professor  is held as  a  prisoner.

The gang known as Golden Dragon is well organised by a mysterious girl (Sujata.) She wants to destroy the heroine and betray the country.

They three, Dilip Raj, X1 and Uma, like the proverbial Musketeers smash the organisation and rescue the professor.

With KHILARI, Fearless NADIA, the darling of millions, stages a triumphant come-back in the role of Madam X1.

(From the official press booklet)